4H Farm Cattle & Horse Sales

4H Farm is a family owned and operated farm specializes in selling quality trail and field trial Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddles Horses as well as Ranch Type Using and Trail Quarter Horses. We also have commercial beef cattle for sale at all times (Bred Cattle, Open Cattle, and Cow/calf pairs). We take pride in representing our cattle and horses accurately and stand behind  the livestock that we sell. Cattle and horse sales are our primary business and our goal is repeat business.

Cattle for sale

We take great pride in the cattle we sell. Our cattle sales consist of bred pairs, and small herds that have been vaccinated, been conditioned and range tested. These Cattle will be represented accurately and we stand behind all our sales.

Cattle Sales

If you are looking to buy quality cattle, but don’t know what to buy, we can help you through the process and assist you in picking the right herd for you, your acreage, or any specific request you may have for your particular farm. We have various beef cattle for sale at all times that have been vet checked and conditioned grazed on native pasture.

From singles to pairs, bred heifers/cows, bulls and occasionally registered, our Cattle Sales are proven quality every time. Stocked throughout the year, we have various groups of Cattle for Sale.

Horses for sale

All of our horses are work ready, trail and ranch proven working stock. We sell Using Type and Trail Quarter horses. Our horses are well built, good mannered horses with color. 4H Farm Quarter Horses are exposed to cattle, other horses, dogs, atv’s, noise, and life. They are used for ranch work, trails, kids play days, parades, and at times guiding hunting parties.

Horse Sales

In addition to our well trained working Quarter Horses for sale, we offer Plantation and Field Trial Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle Horses for sale. These horses are exposed to the same things as our Quarter Horses but not the ranch work. They are trail ridden extensively, hunted on and used to guide. Many are used as guest horses.

We purchase young horses that have been started and finish them out before we sell. It’s important that we sell a well rounded, and experienced horse to our customers. If you’re looking for a good horse, but don’t know what best fits your needs, we can help you select not only a well bred, and pretty horse, but one that will do the job you’re asking it to do.

The majority of our horses for sale are geldings. There will be an occasional mare but not often. Not all of our horses are registered, however a majority of the Quarter Horses for sale are foundation bred, and registered.

Family Owned & Operated Farm – Cattle and Horse Sales

Trip & Mendy

Trip & Mendy

Trip and Mendy are the lead operators of the Farm and run day to day operations of the Farm as well as the Cattle and Horse Sales.



Brody wakes up early every morning and follows Trip, learning everything he possibly can about the family farm. Everyday is an adventure and he finds time to help out anywhere possible on the farm as well as making good grades and playing baseball.

Laura Beth

Laura Beth

Laura Beth is very active in the day to day operations of the farm and keeps Mendy busy with everything from academics to cheer practice and pageants.